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A year ago to today my wife started her own business, after spending a month looking in vain for a job as a dermal therapist. A year on and after much heartache and second guessing, she has a growing business that provides her with an ever increasing income and a sense of self confidence that is worth its weight in gold.

time waits


In the weeks leading up to starting her business she was convinced that she needed more experience and that she was not ready, and do a degree she was right. However a year on, she has learnt a huge amount that she would never have the known and I have no doubt at times she regretted starting the way she did. Despite all this, the one regret she has about starting here business is that she waited as long as she did before taking the risk.

There are many articles you can find such as this one http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/227011 that show the path to a successful business is full of risk and people who stick at it are most likely to make it in the end.

January is a great month for new beginnings, and a lot of people make resolutions to live their lives differently and so I suggest that in 2014 you take a shot at that new project, new business and don’t wait any longer.

We will have some great promotions in the next few days for people prepared to take a risk, to help you build an online presence and help you build your future.

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